Moerman Liquidator 2 Channel
Moerman Liquidator 2 Channel

The Moerman Liquidator 2 is a real step forward for traditional window cleaning, producing amazing results with less effort. The unique aluminium channel features plastic end clips support the rubber and apply pressure right to the end tips. The result is virtually no water residue and zero detailing.
The plastic end clips will prevent damage to frames.
As well as Moerman handles, most professional makes of squeegee handle will fit this channel Pulex, Unger, SYR

10in 25cm Liquidator 2 Channel & Soft Rubber
Price: £7.21
(£8.65 inc VAT)
14in 35cm Liquidator 2 Channel & Soft Rubber
Price: £8.54
(£10.25 inc VAT)

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